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Booking only for members

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Booking only for members.

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Reservations for non-members.

Non members can book by telephone on the following numbers: 06 51 333 435 or 06 48 405 124

To ensure everyone visit to Golfin’ The City is a pleasurable experience please ad here to the following:

  • Always use clean shoes.
  • The use of or the trading in narcotics is strictly forbidden
  • No smoking or alcohol is allowed inside the facility.
  • No pets.
  • On completion of your use, please return the screen to its original start position, replace all clubs in the golf bags, and tidy up all the balls.
  • Food a nd drinks are allowed, however please tidy and clean up afterwards.
  • No more than 6 people are allowed inside the facilty at any one time.
  • Participation in lessons and competitions is solely at own risk.
  • Management is not liable for any accidents or loss or theft of property within the facilty and its direct vacinity.
  • Upon entering the simulator area, please wait until the previous player(s) have finished.
  • Upon departure screen must be on the start postion.
  • Ensure non playing visitors remain at a safe distance to the players.
Non compliance of any of the above can lead to a cancellation of membership without refund.

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Putters, Wedges, Belts, Oefenaccescoires

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Golfin' the City
van Swietenstraat 114
2518 SM Den Haag
Phone: 06 51 333 435 or 06 48 405 124
Email: Golfin' the City.nl
We are open all week:
All week from 9 am till 22 pm

Would you like to try it?

We introduce you to our golf simulator. During a 30 minute presentation we will explain the system, and you can try it yourself. Please contact us using the contact form.